Body Movement Coach™
Transformation & Insight through Integrative Movement
From October 2013 to September 2014

The purpose of the training:

To offer knowledge and understanding of the connection between body, breath, movement and selfexploration, and to develop leadership skills and competence in coaching.

The teachers

Jonas Klingberg with a BA in social behavioral science, massage therapist and studies in dance therapy, Jonas has got a wide range of knowledge about the body intelligence.
Berit Hague has coaching practice in 30 years, she is having workshops in personal development, breathwork and dance the last 22 years, which has given her an understanding of the human psyche and a variety of processing skills. She is a certified teacher of 5Rhytms, Kundalini Yoga and breathwork.

The training consists of 3 main areas:
These 3 main categories are consistently cultivated in each module.

BODY: grounding and body awareness techniques, intuitive touch and massage methods, energy psychology and anatomy, the impact and understanding of connected/circular breathwork etc.
DANCE/MOVEMENT: witness and mirror body language and people in movement, guiding breath, movement and emotional expression with and without music, practicallities around music and it’s impact in the dance etc.
INNER/OUTER LEADERSHIP: communication, pedagogical structures and set ups for classes and workshops, group dynamics, communication, leadership tools for facilitating an open, creative and safe dance space, coaching ability etc.

Who can apply?
This training is for you who are already working with people e.g. therapists, coaches and teachers of any kind who wants to complement and develop their leadership skills and coaching qualities in the areas above.
If you have long experience of practice in the areas previously mentioned you are also welcome to apply.
Remember, this is not a 5Rhythms training!

Program contents:

• Training in dance and movement improvisation

• Coaching through movement, breath and dialogue

• Massage methods and techniques

• Continuous feedback from teachers and participants

• Processing and reflection of course material/literature

• Execution and examination of practical and theoretical tasks individually and in groups

Feedback from previous participants:

“I have done many trainings throughout my life, but this one made a difference for me. The BMC training gave me knowledge, insights, self-confidence and finally the courage to start working with people.”
Anibadh, Teacher

“This training has given me the self esteem and push I need to experi­ence and believe in my abilities as leader. I recommend it with all of my heart!”
Anna, Art therapist

“A fantastic training that made me grow as a person as well as a leader. It has given me and my work greater depth and new tools to use in my work. I highly recommend it!”
sa, Yoga teacher

8 modules in 11 months, 4 full days from Thursday to Sunday.
Working language both for modules and literature is English (with no constant translation at the modules).

start 24-27 Oct 2013, 28 Nov-1 Dec 2013, 9-12 Jan 2014,
13-16 Feb, 20-23 March, 1-4 May, 5-8 June, 4-7 Sept

The info meeting and BMC workshop and the training are all at Eesti Puuetega Inimeste Koda at Toompuiestee 10, Tallinn

Application & Interview:
email Jonas & Berit to info@bmcoach.com
Only 14 participants!

Payment all at once 23.500 SEK
Part payment in 12 months = 2.124 SEK/month = 25.500 SEK
Registration fee 2124 SEK (incl in the total payment),
must be paid before the October 13th, but earlier the better to ensure your place at the training!
(more detailed information about the payment at the interview)

Estonian coordinators:
Liina Lehtla, info@inspirekeskus.ee, tel: 5076046
Rain Vainik, rain@humare.ee, tel: 5044717